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  WARNING: LOTS OF FAVORITES I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!! Favorite!       SO SWEEEEEET!       FAVORITE!                         We find the most RANDOM things when we’re out shooting!       Mandy has such gorgeous green eyes       AWWWW!   […]

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  Dave, Mike’s Dad, LOVES Christmas more than ANYONE I’ve EVER met! Every year he makes Christmas cookies and the whole family decorates them. This year only Dad, Jeffy and Greg participated because the rest of us were out of town. Karen, Mike’s mom, made a “blizzard” cookie and then ate it right away… so […]

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i’m back!

    I’m back after one of the absolute BEST trips to K.C. EVER! While there I visited my Aunt Karen, G-Mom, cousin Brittany and (DUH) best friend Corrie. Last night, on the way home from the airport Mom, Mike and I went for pizza and then back to her place to celebrate Christmas. It […]

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  Just so you know… Corrie is my BESSSSSSST FRIEND in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD and she’s (are you ready?) PREGNANT!!!!!!       Jeff is SO handsome! This is her FAVORITE photo       …and VERY tall! I had to photograph them on my tip toes.             A […]

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