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Monthly Archives: November 2007


  CONFESSION: I’m (Bobbi) not a dog person… as in, I’m usually quite scared of them. I know… when I tell people this they think I’m crazy… and the first thing EVERY dog owner says is, “but you’ll LOVE my dog!” VERY rarely is that the case. Dogs just KNOW that I’m scared. But lately […]

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  Yoga with her bridesmaids and brothers… It was so fun do photograph something we’ve never photo’d before.                   The detailing of her dress was so beautiful.             This photo cracks me up!             Can you find […]

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on our way home.

Going to be on a 737 for most of the day… so no blog updates Just thought we would update as to what’s coming soon suzanne+steve jacquie+abe leslie+wayne danielle+justin uncle patrick+family And many many more! ~bobbi+mike +

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“the last time i saw santa claus…”

  Mike and I are currently in Denver visiting my Uncle Pat, Diana, and their two boys Elliot and Finnegan…. Notice Finnegan’s feet are touching the ceiling?!             Here’s Elliot       I’ve mentioned in the past on this blog that my Uncle Pat is a writer of screenplays. […]

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