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Monthly Archives: February 2008


  Well, I’m sure that many of you noticed that I didn’t weigh in last week. Annnnnnnnnd, that’s because: 1) I had JUST gotten back from Austin on Sunday. 2) I had portrait sessions every day… Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 3) I gained 1lb while I was there Can I just say… “vacationing” was MUCH […]

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  SWEEEEEEET!             Mikey’s fave!       And this photo is one of my MANY favorites!       … and another favorite… I JUST LOVE the look in her eyes here.       I want to make this a canvas in MY house. Is that weird?   […]

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        Isn’t she CUUUUUUUTE?!                   LOVE THIS!!!! My HILAAAARIOUS jokes work on kids, too This happens to be a favorite!       So handsome       The forecast called for rain… and it DID rain In the middle of the shoot we […]

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  What a perfect little family Can't you hear the giggle when you see this? Oh well… maybe it's just me because I was there to HEAR the giggle.       Here's Ben. He has the CUUUUUUTEST dimples!       And Charlie, the miracle boy (who also happens to have the CUUUUUUUUUTEST dimples) […]

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