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Monthly Archives: April 2008

pauline+jim | TTD

This was taken on top of a lifeguard lookout platform.. I think the lifeguard was on lunch. ST ST ST ST STUNNING! I love this one. Not sure why… just do. Mikey’s favorite My view… Mikey’s view… FAVORITE! The dress got too heavy for her to wear through the ocean… so… she took it off! […]

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        I walked in to find this STUNNNNNNNNING dress!       reading the card Jim got her… she couldn’t read through it without crying. Aunt Precy to the rescue!             Meet Jim.             One of my favorites       Their […]

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baby jonah

  Our five minute Jonah session… Why was it only five minutes you ask? Because we were there to visit Jonah… not to take his photo, but we couldn’t resist!       I LOVE baby expressions!       “Where am I?”       “You’re scaring me!”             […]

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danialle+joe | TTD

HOT! …we started on dry land …but into the water we went! These next two shots would not have happened if Mikey hadn’t bought that underwater enclosure. WORK IT OUT MIKEY! A wave got her… and she fell over… Not to worry… Joe to the rescue! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our FAVORITE! + GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND, […]

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