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Monthly Archives: July 2008

final four baaaaaaaby!

  WOWZERS!!!!!!!!! We're a little blown away and VERY excited…we were chosen in the top four of bludomain's photographers of the year contest!  OMG!!!!!!!!!  The twelve original photographers that were nominated are RIDICULOUSLY talented and to be in the top four… AYKM?!  They're announcing the winner TOMORROW (voting ends TONIGHT!)… so if you think we're […]

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  Remember Corrie and Jeff? Of course you do!  Corrie is my best friend in the whole wide world… In case you forgot… click here for some photos that I took of them just a few months ago.  WELLLLL HELLOOOOOO CAPTAIN OBVIOUS… Corrie had her baby!!!!!!!!   Isn't he perfect?           […]

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            EYELASHES!!!!            I'm not going to lie… I'm very proud of this ring shot         A bride who wears maroon shoes?! I LOVE IT!          OH SO HAPPY!            Discussing the rain situation…     […]

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    1 bridesmaid putting on her shoes. 2 bridesmiads putting on earrings 1 bridesmaid applying lipstick 1 MOB zipping a zipper 1 awesome bride who brought 'em all together          argh!                           And this is one of the MANY perks […]

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