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Monthly Archives: September 2008


    Meet the super talented Jess and Brett of Studio3z based out of Cincinnati… AHHHH WE LOOOOOOOVE THEMMMMM!!!!!!!         I’m sorry that Brett is SOOO DAMN HOTTTTTT!!!!!         LOVE this! Mikey took it, cantchyatell?         ME LOVE ME SOME WACKY LIGHT!  My favorite     […]

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st maarten

I’ve been meaning to show this to you guys FOREVA! These were taken back in May when we were in St Maarten to photograph Lauren and Matt’s super fun wedding.   I took a photo every 2 seconds as we landed… it was CRAZY!  People RIGHT THERE on the beach… AHHHH!!!! Wow… I’m so behind on […]

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  No one can pull off the windswept look quite like Jackie… :)  (Though at the end of the blog entry, you'll see me trying! HA!)            HOW CUUUUUUTE IS EMMAAAAAAAAAAA?!                     Doesn't she look like Willa Ford?!  I called her that […]

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   The makeup artist showing Stephani how to pucker so that she can apply blush. :)  It made me giggle.            This was one Stephani's highlights of the day… she was SOOO excited about her panties with the "veil on the butt!"  Stephani, you're adorable!             […]

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