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Monthly Archives: December 2008

our holiday card…

  As many of you know, every year since Mike and I have been married we've designed a Christmas card.  At first, it was a card that just went to friends and family.  Then, we started a photography business and sent it out to all of our clients as well.  It was something that we […]

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coming soon…

  Yes yes yes, I know I haven't updated in over a week.  For the past month, we've been running around like CRAZY getting everything done and ready for all of the holiday deadlines.  Then, we headed to KC for a few days… so needless to say, it's been quite hectic around here I thought […]

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healthy train | week 10.

  Well, I maintained again but I'm PERFECTLY okay with that Afterall… it's just one of those weeks .  HOWEVER… I did take some new measurements as I do once every four weeks and HOLY COWWWWWABUNGA do I have some GOOD news to report! Since the last time I took measurements which was on the […]

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  As I was editing this session… I couldn't help but be filled with both happiness and envy.  I know that's strange, but really… as I was looking through them I was thinking about how I wish that I had photos like this with my mom and dad…. how priceless these sorts of sessions really […]

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