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Yearly Archives: 2009

our holiday card

  Hi friends! Mike and I are sorta known for our creative holiday cards This year when I'd casually mention preparing for this year's card, the FIRST thing they'd usually say was, "how are you ever going to top last years?!" To which I would respond… "we're not going to try" So, needless to say, […]

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   How perfect and beautiful is Momma Tasha?! Favorite #1    and yes yes yes… an oh so proud Dad    meet Elijah, he's awesome.    When I first met him and saw other photos of him on Facebook I thought he looked JUST like his dad… HOWEVER, after taking his photo I've since changed […]

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need your address please.

It's Christmas card time friendos Yeah yeah yeah… I realize it's in 10 days, but that's how we roll!  Nothing like getting your bobbi+mike card on Christmas Eve! SOOOO… for those who've received our cards in the past and have since moved, if you could please hook me up with your address, that'd be fab […]

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  Almost every bride has the same get ready routine as it's quite the process to prepare for the big day…. hair, makeup, dress, etc. Guys, however… It's always interesting to see what they do to fill their time before putting their tux on This team… poker.    Then they made lunch We here in […]

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