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Monthly Archives: February 2009

healthy train | week 20.

  WOOP WOOP! What's got two thumbs and has lost 16.8 lbs?! THIS GIRL!!!!!! The week in Vegas, I lost 2.2 pounds (WEIRD!). Then this week I lost another 1.8 SOOO… in the past two weeks I've lost 4 pounds bringing my TOTAL weight lost to, as previously mentioned… 16.8 POUNDAROOOONIES! YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!       […]

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  Remember Deb and Grant? Of course you do!  How could you FORGET!?   HELLOOOOOO LUSCIOUS LIPS!            BLINNNNNNNNNNG!    That's her mom sitting in the chair on the left Mikey's favorite    Work it out ladies…. work it OUT!    Just a warning… I posted a LOT of bridal shots… […]

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  Let me start by saying this… I'm a big slacker I didn't bust out my camera even once while in Vegas… Leave it to a photographer to not have a camera.  SO, I'm borrowing photos (with permission ) from awesome photographers who weren't slackers. The absolute highlight of our week week in Vegas…. withOUT […]

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healthy train | week 18.

  First and foremost…. thank you ALLLLLL so so so so SOOOO much for your kind words last week You guys sure do know how to pull a girl out of a funk! I LOVE OUR BLOG READERS!!!!!!! Secondly, sorry for the delay in this entry… I know I'm a day late… things have been […]

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