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Monthly Archives: April 2009


  WE FLIPPING ADOOOOOORE THIS FAMILY!!!!!   Are you KIDDING me with his cuteness?!      How much do you love that smile!? AHHHH!!!!!   This might be my favorite… though, let me get back with you on that… Mikey's favorite, too    What an attractive group!  I want to join the family just so […]

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  HELLOOOOOO NAVY PIER!!!!      I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PHOTO!!!!!! My favorite!        Nothing like a little nap next to a big ol' trailer!    Purple+Blue+Red=awesome!    They're doing lots of construction on the pier…. well, we found access to it The place was empty! For the record, it was easy […]

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   Meet the BEAUTIFUL team of amy+greg    We started things off at Mrs. Curls.       so fun!       SO DAMN CUUUUUUUTE!!!!!        HOT TAMALE?! Check and mark!          Black and white images are just so powerful to me.          Mike, you're a […]

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   Kamala, OH HOW WE ADORE THEEEEEE!!!!!    This is so funny to me!  An empty salon with two people working on the same person (PS. this is when you're supposed to laugh.  SO LAUGH!!!!)      Kamala is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met… both inside and out.  SO, I sorta […]

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