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     HEY MISS TATUM!   Ted was saying, "hmm… I think I'm getting a wet willy!" Mike's favorite    When Tatum would get bored with playing she'd exclaim, "ALL DONE!"     AHHHHHH!!!!!!   My favorite!       Doesn't that look SO fun?!    "Where's your mouth?!"       INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Tatum […]

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to make addison smile…

Mike took a bit of video with our 5D Mark II’s at Addison’s session… We just bought Final Cut Express (video editing software) and I couldn’t help myself… Hope you enjoy watching this as much I enjoyed making it By the way, that little boy is Quan.. their ridiculously adorable nephew Love you guys!!! ~bobbi+mike […]

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  Are you kidding me?! I had SO much fun with these bridesmaids!!!!    I'm posting this little collage because I think the idea is GENIUS! For all of those maids of honor out there… pay attention Kathy did this for her sister Kristin when she got married… and Kristin returned the idea. The MOH […]

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FINALLY… Addison’s BIG DEBUT on the bloggg!  Addison’s parents love her so much…  see? I just love how sweetly she’s looking at me. …probably because I AM sweet, duhtown.  When she gets married, this photo will play in her slideshow… In about 25 years, I’ll prove it (because I’ll be there coming out of wedding […]

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