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Monthly Archives: July 2009


   CUTE COUPLE ALERT!!!!!    AYKM???!?!? FAAAAAAAVORITE!!!!!!!!      Guess when they're getting married!     YIELD TO LOOOOOVE! Okay, that was dumb…    OH NICOLE!!!!! YOU ARE SOOOOO BEAUUUUTIFUL!!!!!! Mikey's favorite      STOP FOR LOOOOOOOVE!!!! Okay, STILL dumb…          I love how much you two love each other Just do.  […]

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  Nathan is in the top ten cutest boys in the history of the world….   ….ALLLLLLLL boy!    and ridiculously happy!    Hang this one in his room, k? k.   I SOOOO wish I had a photo like this with my mom and dad! My favorite!    WEEEEE!!!!!   My view…   Mikey's […]

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  You're cute!   Meet mom and sister    Marisa MADE those little flowers for her shoes… it was the PERFECTO addition!     Have I mentioned recently that I LOVE men in tuxes?!  Hence… I'm a wedding photographer. WIN WIN!    HA!    A little something I call, "WORKIN' IT OUT"    AYKM with the […]

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    Meet Lotti… yes, she's 8 months pregnant! Mikey's favorite    Katie's letter from Burny. "One more thing…. BREATHE!"    MEANWHILE… this is what the men were doing.  By the way, notice Burny's shirt???    I LOVED these guys!!!!!      GORGEOUS BRIDAL PARTY ALERT!!!!! Oh, just a warning… you're about to see me […]

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