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Of COURSE you all remember this family! They’re sort of famous to our blog readers ¬†Andrew is teething… he sucks on his arm to make it feel better… sometimes he sucks so hard that he wears his skin raw.¬† I imagine that popping teeth must hurt. I remember when I first met Andrew, he was […]

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    Jenna is CLEARLY a big Sanjaya fan. QUICK! ADD HAIRSPRAY!!! DONE-ZO!      HA!!!!   Leah, Jenna's sister… gets up close and personal when applying the makeup.    HOW ABOUT THAT DRESS?!      ……AND THEN I FOUND BALLOOOOOONS!!!! Oh my gosh I was SO excited!!!!!!! I love EVERYTHING about this photo… EVERYTHINNNNNNNG!!!!! […]

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coming soon…

jenna+steve | wedding annie+ben+andrew | family laura+brian | wedding nicole+ari | wedding YEAHHHH!!!!!! And, just as an FYI, we're going to be out of town shooting most of the week… As my G-mom would say, "catch you on the flip flop!" ~ + PS. We LOVE our blog readers! Thanks for being awesome

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   NICOOOOOOOLE!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!!  btw, that's a chocolate engagement ring that one of her bridesmaids made for her.  She waited to eat it until I got there    CHACHACHA!      And to you Indianapolis natives… yes, they're at the Slippery Noodle      The cooooolest of the coooool.      WACKY BOBBI STRIKES […]

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