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   It was a cooooold October day… Starting things off with my favorite      We swung by Xavier's basketball stadium and grabbed this one    LOVE the red!    Mikey's favorite!    Wacky Bobbi strikes again!        AYKM?! Megan, you're eyes are GORGEOUS!!!!!    BRING IT IN TIIIIGHT!    I love me […]

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  I've been SO excited to share these images with you all!    I was taking a standard portrait… you know… for the announcement in the paper and for the grandmas… when Mike somehow saw THIS.  There is NO one else who could second shoot for me other than him… how he finds these angles […]

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    AHHHHHH!!!!!!    ….meanwhile….   OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH AMY!!!!!!!!!   love this.    I'm seriously blown away by your gorgeousness Amy….   HOLY HOT BRIDESMAIDS BATMAN!        …makes me smile…         BRING IT IN TIIIIIIGHT!!!      AYKM?! SEEEEEERIOUSLY…… WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWWW!!!!!!!    Greg, I […]

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healthy train | week 5.

  WELLLLL…. I've been putting off weighing… as I've been feeling REALLY bad about myself and my choices for the past two weeks. You see, if you at all follow me on Twitter… I've been traveling a LOT lately… and when I travel… I REALLY struggle with healthy eating.        In the past, […]

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