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  I’ve been SO excited to show you these   Meet Kaila and Jon of Corner Cafe Photography     Kaila is stunning…   Mike busted out our rarely used 16-35.   Every married couple needs photos like these… More on this later…   Jon = RIDICULOUSLY HANDSOME!  PS. for you Heroes fans out there… […]

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  See the tattoo? The other hand says "K-I-N-G" So fun…    i LOVE how happy she is here! For you out there who've seen the "veil" moment before… this is the "OH MY GOSH… I'M REALLY A BRIDE" face    …meanwhile…      MEGHAN! You were a STUNNING bride!    2 guesses as to […]

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high fives to our vets!

  me… in basic training      Under that tree… on the right… me as "student first sergeant." It really meant that I just yelled out commands in an awkwardly high pitched voice. (for our past bride/grooms… now you know where I learned my family photo rallying skills!)   SO intimidating.    My battle buddies […]

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  Meet the RIDICULOUSLY talented photographers of Nickel City Studios, Alyssa and Rich… and their RIDICULOUSLY adorable son Murphy    I love this family    This is SOOOOO Murphy… he's famous for this little expression    …but I wasn't having it :D     WACKY BOBBI STRIKES AGAIN!!!      GAH!!!!! Crazy about this one   […]

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