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Monthly Archives: March 2010

unboxed, a bobbi+mike photobooth

ANNOUNCING…  the unboxed photobooth! Many of you have seen these posted on my Facebook page as I’ve been teasing you guys for the last two months with images from various events. WELLLL FIIIIINALLY… here it is! So, what is it exactly? It’s a photo booth that’s not really in a booth at all… hence, “unboxed. […]

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wanna buy five copies for my mother!

… you know, like the Dr. Hook song? Now… we certainly weren’t on any cover of the Rolling Stone… but… the NEXT BEST THING!!! (okay, maybe not…) We were in an ad. As in… OMG, WE WERE IN A DOUBLE SPREAD AD!!!!!!! As in… an ad that ran in THREE pro photo magazines (and one […]

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wppi 2010

  SOOO… I mentioned it in our last blog entry… but, I'll remind you anyway. Mike and I did a little speaking thing at the photography conference we went to last week.  We spoke at the mpixpro booth in the middle of the tradeshow floor. Wanna see some images? Okay, if you insist! But first, […]

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happy 50th birthday momba!

A few things: I still can’t believe so many of you stuck around for that. Thanks, BIG BIG BIGGGGGG time!!!!!!! I lost my voice, excuse the squeaking. Go figure… Bobbi talking too much?! I’m holding a phone because we were originally going to try and call her but couldn’t get signal (AT&T rocks…). Dale to […]

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