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Monthly Archives: April 2010

healthy train | 1.

First weigh in How’d you guys do? Well, by looking at the spreadsheet… you guys are flipping ROCKING this!!!!!there will be a total of 14… and we’re just getting started. Only about a third of you have reported your loss, but here are the top 5 biggest losers: Jill Pollitt    7.47%Michelle McDonnell    5.33%Kylene Gay    5.25%Kathleen […]

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OHHHH how I LOOOOOOOVE shooting when everything turns green again :D Jessica, you’re BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Would you guys believe that Jessica told me that she doesn’t “take good pictures”?! As in, she’s not photogenic. WHAT??!?! REEEEEALLY?! I told her she was outta her mind. All of the locations they picked for their engagement session were special […]

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first photo since our wedding day

We were finishing up the engagement session of our new friends Jessica and Bobby on IU’s campus when Bobby, who’s a Canon man himself, says… “Can I take a photo of you two?”  I looked over at Mike, we shrugged our shoulders… and I handed over the camera. Here’s what he took.  Mike and I […]

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a healthy train get together

Today isn’t a weigh in day… but it is a Friday… so, what better day to show off some of our last rounds losers Last week, a few of the local healthy train peeps (the ones who sent in “after” photos on the last round <– click for some SERIOUS weight loss inspiration!) got together […]

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