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healthy train | 3.

Hiya friends This is going to be a short & sweet healthy train post…. as I haven’t been to bed yet from last night…  and I know that by the time I get around to it… it’d be WAY later. SO, yesyesyes…. trying to get this done early I haven’t weighed myself yet… I’ll do […]

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AHHHH!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! Texas husband+wife photo team Lindsey and Beto are ON THE BLOG! I know those two have been BEYOND excited waiting for these WACKY MIKEY! The second we started photographing these two, I knew it was going to be an amazing shoot.  What made me draw that conclusion so early? They’re good snugglers You […]

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Krissy V did some of the most beautiful makeup I’ve seen.  But yes yes yes, she had a GORGEOUS palette to work with. ARE YOU KIDDDDDDDING ME WITH THIS PHOTO??!!?!? MARJIE… YOU ARE ST ST ST STUNNNNNNINNNNNNNG!!!!!!!! I seriously could have photographed bridals of her all day. AYKM?! gorgeous. GORGEOUS! Another new favorite color palette… […]

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bobbi+mike, again!

Last week we photo’d Lindsey and Beto Moreno… a husband+wife team based in Texas (can’t WAIT to show you their amazingness…). At the end of the session, after the sun had set… Lindsey took these two photos of us with my camera. That second one melts my little heart. I love him. A lot. Lindsey, […]

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