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Monthly Archives: June 2010

healthy train | 5.

This week, a guest blog… from the famous Dane. You know… THE DANE… the Dane who has lost over 50% of his body weight. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Here’s a quick refresher if you’ve forgotten or you’re new here… In the beginning of his own personal healthy train (the first two are from high school/beginning […]

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Here’s another early AM sunrise session (One of the main reasons we encourage our couples to do AM sessions during the summer is because of the heat… it’s literally 20° cooler in the morning. I’d call that worth it! oh, and… the light’s ridiculous). I’ve been SO excited to share these on the blog Starting […]

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happy father’s day!

RIGHT in the nick of time! (34 minutes to spare! whewwwww…) Here are all of the fathers in all of the weddings… …and all of the family sessions we’ve photo’d since Father ‘s Day 2009 MAN OH MAN I’m a BIG fan of these. Makes me smile. As I was making this collage I was […]

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The morning of the wedding Crew played tennis with his dad at the tennis court right behind the hotel. I love that. Oh, and Crew… nice serve! Mike… nice photo! Crew… nice calves! Mike… nice uhm… butt! PS. I don’t know what a nice serve would look like… but doesn’t this look impressive? HOWEVER, I […]

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