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I can’t tell you how much I love these images. Okay okay.. I’ll try. I love these images a lot. A lot a lot. A LOT A LOT!  (Yeah… I’m quite the wordsmith these days, eh? a lot a lot!) I don’t have a lot of friends… never really have. I’ve moved so much in […]

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mike’s 30!

HOOOOLY COWWWWWABUNGA!!!! I’ve been SO flipping excited about this day for months! TODAY IS MIKEY’S THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! You see… I’ve got BIG surprises in the works and the fact that I’ve kept all said surprises secret for 3 months is a frickin’ miracle and a half! So… I can’t divulge quite yet but if you’re […]

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healthy train | 9.

I know I know… I was supposed to have done this last Friday…. annnnnd it’s technically not a weigh in day… so, I’m making it up to you by blogging today. Last Friday we were on our way to Chicago with a quick pit stop in Fort Wayne. If you live in Indiana you know […]

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Meet the CHEM family…. well… C+H+E+M= Cari+Henry+Erin+Millie… yeah, I came up with that ALLLL on my own… yeah…  I really am that smart. Erin, Cari and I have been trying to schedule a session for over two years… FINALLY the stars aligned and we were able to make this happen. It seems that all things […]

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