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Monthly Archives: October 2010

healthy train | 14.

uhm… guess who has good news to report?! that’s right… ME, BETTIES!!!!! I lost weight BOOOOYAH!!!! % lost since April 2nd: 6.2% :D Total lost since October, 2008: 22.44%. HELLLL YESSSSS!!!!! No more debbie downer outta me… well, for now Do you guys remember back when I started the healthy train that I wanted to […]

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I’m a big fan of Megan. Of course she had SUCH a fantastic group of bridesmaids… not only are they awesome women… but also hot tamales. WIN WIN! THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING DRESS! Megan’s mom had her dress replicated into a miniature version… Mike’s favorite Men in tuxes are my fave OH the perks of being […]

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august rose | 3 weeks.

I snapped a few quickie portraits just a few days ago for use on her birth announcement… thought I’d share August’s first (of way too many, I’m warning you now…) official photo session. this one’s my fave We were all done with photos, Ryan was holding her… still diaperless… when, you guessed it, she peed… […]

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Kate is one in a million… absolutely one of the most genuine/sweetest women I’ve ever ever met… I 100% adore her, BFF style So here it is Kate… your wedding day! Kate, your hair is absolutely gorgeous! These were taken in Northern Indiana… on a freakishly cold/dreary/rainy October day… as in… FREEEEZING… I told the […]

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