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healthy train | 16.

Friends, we’re OFFICIALLY two weeks from the finale TWO WEEKS!!!! (Reminder: Finale is December 10) A personal healthy train update: % lost since April 2nd: 7.7% Total lost since October, 2008: 23.3% I’m almost at a quarter of myself GONE-zo :D (Weight loss percentage calculator here.) How are you guys doing??? This is the time […]

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Rachael, you’re a stunner, k? Oh, and that little smile on Patrick’s face… LOVE! No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, we really did find a Paul Bunyan sized Chinese food take out container in Indianapolis. Oh yes… we did Rachael and Patrick… high fives to trusting your photographers Love. Oh hi pretty light… […]

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HEEEEEEERE THEY ARE! Megan is one of the zaniest/most fun brides we’ve ever had… as you’re about to see It only makes sense that she has friends to match Megan forgot to shave… her mom did the honors. I wish I could tell you what we were laughing at! Making sure the ink was dry […]

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We have a few clients who are kind of blog celebrities.¬† One of those couples… Melanie and Adam When people see that we’re going to photograph them… they can’t wait to see the craziness that’s going to happen. You see, for every session they’re always outdoing themselves¬† with big/crazy ideas and we’re always pushing ourselves […]

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