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Monthly Archives: January 2011

sesame street for jeffy

Jeffy turned 21 this month. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! TWENTY ONE???!?! It’s SO weird to see him as technically old enough to buy alcohol. If you’re a long time blog reader you know Jeffy If not… well, I’ll tell you Jeffy is Mike’s challenged brother who will forever be Mike’s baby brother. He also happens […]

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wppi platform speakers

that’s right… PLATFORM SPEAKERS!!!! Can you believe that?! HOW FLIPPING EXCITING! Yes yes yes, we’re speaking in Vegas And this time… not at a tradeshow booth… THIS time… we’re speaking ON A STAGE!  I gotta tell you, we’re incredibly honored and… well… I’m a bit nervous… (us speaking at the mpixpro tradeshow booth in 2010) […]

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healthy train v5.0 – the before.

HELLOOOOOO HEALTHY TRAIN! First and foremost: I am BEYOND proud of each of you. Seriously, you have NO idea how proud of you I am! Can’t wait to see your after photos. It took guts to send those photos… and I’m REALLY proud of you. To swallow your pride and take that photo… (ESPECIALLY of […]

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Lisa and Adam were the PERFECT way to end our 2010 season We completely 100% adore them. If you’ve been keeping up with us for this past year, you know we’ve had some TERRIBLE luck with weather… It was as though a rain cloud was following us!  When we woke up this Saturday morning and […]

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