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Monthly Archives: March 2011

the bobbi shop!!!!!

I’m super proud and beyond excited to finally announce THE BOBBI SHOP! BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!   Our first products are album (CS4 and CS5) InDesign templates I could tell you about them… but I just found a blog entry that Kaila Harkins, one of our fabulous beta testers, wrote. Here’s an excerpt: Bobbi has not only created […]

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HELLOOOOOOOOO ANNIE! Most of you already know Annie… as she’s the most famous person to ever appear on this blog. I like to name drop my friendship with her as much as I can… I’m convinced that it makes people like me When Annie suggested starting her maternity session doing yoga… I was THRILLED with the idea! […]

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I love photographing people for who they are when no one’s looking.  It’s been a goal of mine the second I started photography. Three years ago I attended a Jesh de Rox photography/life workshop that pushed me further towards that goal. It changed both my outlook on life and on photography. I don’t mean to […]

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coming soon…

I think this just miiiiiiight be the longest I’ve gone without updating the blog. Wanna know why? I’ve been a bit busy…   Stay tuned for more… Check out the sign up page and you’ll be the first to know! BOOOOOOOOOOYAH! ~bobbi

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