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Monthly Archives: April 2011


HEEEEEERE IT IS!!!!! Addie and Dustin’s surprise Florida wedding So, how did they pull it off? Well… Dustin told both families that he was planning to propose to Addie on a family vacation… thus, convincing ALL family members to GO on this vacation! They both invited everyone out to family dinner when Addie slipped on […]

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we’re alive

Hellooooooo friends… reporting in from the laptop…. So, yes yes yes… we’ve had the busiest winter ever! …and for the exclamation point on this winter… We officially said goodbye to our studio. BUT! We said HELLOOOOOOO to our first house!!!!!!! Packed everything starting Saturday… Then, everything was moved in on Monday! Nothing says “I’m a […]

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healthy train v5.0 – halfway!

HALFWAY POINT BAAAABIES! Our top five Katherine Inskeep  17.78% Jodi Pfunder 15.2% April Birkenkamp Johnson 13.65% Emily Taylor 13.62% Patti Miller  13.3% Holy shipoopie batman! Seriously… wow… WOW! With the halfway point, I encourage our healthy trainees to send in progress pics… I got 11 back… and I’m BLOWN away by them!       […]

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