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Monthly Archives: July 2011

happy birthday to my grigh

HOLY SHITAKE MUSHROOMS WE’RE 30 YEAR OLD GRIGHS!!!!! For those who don’t know Corrie… she’s been my best friend since we were 12 years old. First of all, why we call each other Grigh. It’s something we’ve done for years and it’s very weird to most people… but uhm, we’re weird. My mom and Aunt Karen used to […]

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I love true-button up dresses. They’re not very common, they’re usually faux buttons hidden by a zipper. But I’ll tell you, dresses like this make for amazing images when struggling to button Kate, you’re so damn cute!  See that gorgeous sparkly belt? it went around her waist. Her mom (Linda ) kept referring to it […]

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I usually go in order with my blog entries… but this time, a special circumstance Lori and Eugene weren’t able to do their engagement photos until this week… BUT, they’re getting married TOMORROW! I wanted to make sure they saw their amazingness before the big day. So, I popped this session in the front of […]

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The night before their wedding David, along with his college ska band, played at their old hangout. And it was awesome! You may be asking yourself… “Why oh why is he wearing a clock?!” The answer… Their first “date” (you know, college style first date!) was to a costume party where David dressed as Flava […]

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