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Yearly Archives: 2012

Happy Everything!

Without further ado… HERE IT IS, our holiday card! People have been saying to us every year since our “Christmas Story” card in 2008, “How will you ever top last year?! You’re always outdoing yourselves!” Remember the Awkward Family Photo card from 2010?  Truthfully, I’m not sure it’s toppable. And you know what, that’s perfectly […]

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Proud of this session folks. I mean, after all… take two ridiculously good looking people newly in love and BADABOOM BADABING…. amazingness! Starting things off with my favorite Being all lovey-dovey with 15 or so people watching… it’s not as easy as it looks my friends. However, these two nailed it! HELLOOOOO HOT TAMALES! When […]

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We photographed Katie and Brandon’s wedding in 2007… and this time, their one year old. I hate to be cliché, but damn time sure does fly!You guys know how much I love photographing families in their homes. I like that these images will mean something more than just, “wow, that sure is a cool wall […]

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Heeeeere they are…. the much anticipated images of the Vanoven family… !!!!! We met them in Brookville, Indiana at Rachel’s parent’s farm…. where they have over 100 acres of amazingness. I was in HEAVEN!Uhhhhhhmmmm…. arrrrrrrrrrre you kidddddddding meeeeeeee with this gorgeousness?! WHOA! Not only is this family ridiculously good looking, they’re pretty damn awesome too. On […]

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