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Man oh man have I been excited to show you these… not only because the people in the images are gorgeous… but because Kelsey is my sister. “BOBBI HAS A SISTER?!” Yes, I actually have four siblings. My dad remarried after my parents divorced and they had four children… (in order from oldest to youngest) […]

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MAN oh man have I been SO excited to show you all these images. The light was MONEY that afternoon. Oh, hellooooo gorgeous. Can’t wait to photograph this beauty on her wedding day. BADABOOM BADABING!Now let’s talk about Kevin’s smile. Okay? I’ll start. It’s perfect. Oh, and he’s never worn braces. Mike’s fun idea. LOVE this one!I […]

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A wedding in Key West, Florida? Okay! Loved the light in this room where the girls got ready. Think they’re related? My favorite. …meanwhile… Ga-ga-ga-ga-gorgeous!They’re only request… “a jumping photo!” Done and done!I love this one of you two!Mike’s Favorite Oh wait… I was wrong… They actually had two requests… By the way, the man […]

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Meet Rebecca and Kyle. Though… I get the impression that most people call her Becky. (Sidenote… My BFF Corrie and I once read in a really old baby name book that “Bobbi” was a common nickame for “Ruperta.” I often give that as my name when waiting at a restaurant because I think it’s funny. […]

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