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Danielle with her little sister. …meanwhile… Those shoes?! Incredible! For Sheridan’s best men… personalized baseball bats. Whoa. Gorgeous.This dress was incredible. So great to photograph!I adooooored these bridesmaids! Holy wow. Favorite. You know, this might be my favorite bridal portrait I’ve ever taken. Ever. Me love symmetry! SO stinking CUTE! Was this really Indiana?! You betchya!See the […]

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Boy oh boy am I proud of this session… For those of you who don’t know this duo… you should. They’re crazy about each other. …and she’s crazy about color! Make babies just so you can spread those dimples across the land… k? k. A pink elephant wearing sunglasses and sipping on a martini? Welcome to Indiana […]

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I’ve been dying to shoot a wedding in Kansas City…. so when Kristin and Ford called and said “Heather Cole referred you, we’re getting married in Kansas City and we’d love to have you,” I couldn’t have been more excited to head to my hometown for a wedding. Oh, and let me tell you…. they […]

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It’s Flag Day…

…and the Army’s 237th Birthday! Oh, and my 31st birthday too. Thanks to everyone who’s wished me a happy day… you guys sure do know how to make a girl feel loved! Much love friends! ~bobbi

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