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Monthly Archives: November 2012


Her blue eyes are outta-this-world-ridiculous! On Mike’s “winter to do list” is learning how to tie a bow tie. The dramatics involved for those who’ve never done it makes for great images… yet very frustrating for those who are in the images. That guy behind JJ looks like someone just told him that he needed to […]

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The Bobbi Shop :: Black Friday Sale!

To my photographer friends out there… Prepare to get your life back! If you guys are still using Photoshop to design albums, prepare to be blown away by the amazingness that is InDesign. Don’t know how to use it? No biggie, here’s a free tutorial I made. Know how to use InDesign and are creating […]

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This team needs no introduction! Wait… One of them DOES need an introduction. That little guy on the left? It’s  Nico… and this is the first time he’s been on this blog. Though for Melanie and Adam, this is their 5th official time here. Engagement (it’s no longer viewable on the blog… had to clear up […]

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The key to a happy wedding day? Comfortable shoes. (Are you guys getting sick of me saying that yet?)Sarah and Momma Margie.When you’re wearing a fancy suit and you see a random couch sitting on the side of the road, it’s only natural to sit in it and take a pic! Random piece of Bobbi […]

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