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2012 annual favorites: love

Heeeere we gooooo! ¬†All of the other categories I was able to narrow down to a top 25. But these… it was impossible for me! I’m so in love with them! 50494847464544434241403938373635343332313029282726252423222120 19181716151413121110987654321. BOOM! Next up… Weddings: Getting Ready, top 25. Much love friends! ~bobbi+mike +

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I’ve seriously been SO excited to show you these! You’re about to fall in love with this couple, I guarantee it. Heeeere youuuuuu gooooo… bbmk workshop #10!Shawn is the brother of Sara, a bride that we photographed back in 2008… when we met them then, they were newly engaged. Since then, they’ve gotten married and […]

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Proud of this session folks. I mean, after all… take two ridiculously good looking people newly in love and BADABOOM BADABING…. amazingness! Starting things off with my favorite Being all lovey-dovey with 15 or so people watching… it’s not as easy as it looks my friends. However, these two nailed it! HELLOOOOO HOT TAMALES! When […]

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I’ve been excited to show you these images. A ridiculously fun couple paired with awesome midwest fall light…. SIGN US UP!We started the session off at their house on Indianapolis’ White River. Yep, this is their dock. How cool is that?!We stepped inside for just a few… …then we were off to Fort Harrison State […]

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