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Another workshop session! Meet Jessi and Dane…It was a rainy, cold and downright miserable afternoon… a perfect day for a workshop attendee to watch a photographer make it work regardless of the situation. However, it wasn’t the perfect day to be the photographer that had to make it work regardless of the situation! I won’t […]

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Jenny LOVES getting her photo taken. JJ LOVES to make Jenny happy… hence these fun images you’re about to see. As we walked around town shooting, Jenny got more compliments on her outfit than anyone I’ve ever photographed. “Oh my gosh, I love your dress… where did you get it?!” “…cute dress!” “WOW! You look […]

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Meet Sarah and Brian… they’ve been married for eight years, have four sons… and have never had photos taken alone. On the surface, photographing engaged couples and married couples seems to be the same thing, though it’s actually not the same at all. There’s a completely different kind of love between two people who’ve been […]

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Man oh man have I been excited to show you these… not only because the people in the images are gorgeous… but because Kelsey is my sister. “BOBBI HAS A SISTER?!” Yes, I actually have four siblings. My dad remarried after my parents divorced and they had four children… (in order from oldest to youngest) […]

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