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Prepare yourself for a long one folks! Heeeeere’s one of my favorite families (who also happen to be some of our best friends)…. we did things completely different than we’ve ever done this time. I had a fun idea…. a “day in the life” sort of session… holiday style!  I asked our friend Ben with […]

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Our very loyal friends… Ashley and Casey Two years ago they got married. A year-ish later they had a baby… BADABOOM BADABING!  In the last three years, we’ve had the pleasure of photographing them four times. Engagement. Wedding. Maternity. Today. You see, this team… they get it… they understand the importance of photography… they understand […]

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Remember THIS duo?! No? let me help jog your memory… YEP! It’s ALLLL coming back to you now right?! Speaking of that… how has it really been nearly five years since they got married?!In the not so recent past, I was embarrassingly afraid of dogs. As in I couldn’t be within 10 feet of one […]

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Last time we photo’d this family the little lady on the left was still in her momma’s belly. These two girls were so dang sweet! Mackenzie loves having a little sister who she can be the boss of… and Caroline loves doing whatever Mackenzie says so it seems to work out very well for them. […]

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