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healthy train v5.0 – the finale!

For those that are new here… let me give a brief explanation to what the healthy train is… It’s something I started back in January, 2008 for personal accountability with my health. You see, at that point in my life, I’d gained 50 pounds since getting married and was just plain miserable.  I knew it […]

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healthy train v5.0 – halfway!

HALFWAY POINT BAAAABIES! Our top five Katherine Inskeep  17.78% Jodi Pfunder 15.2% April Birkenkamp Johnson 13.65% Emily Taylor 13.62% Patti Miller  13.3% Holy shipoopie batman! Seriously… wow… WOW! With the halfway point, I encourage our healthy trainees to send in progress pics… I got 11 back… and I’m BLOWN away by them!       […]

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healthy train v5.0 – 2

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO HEALTHY TRAIN FRIENNNNNNDS!!!!!!!! First… Our top 5: Jodi Pfunder – 14.7% Katherine Inskeep – 11.11% Calla Evans – 10.62% April Birkencamp Johnson – 10.16% Rich Foster – 9.92% SO freaking proud of you guys!!!!! And Jodi… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! CHOOOO CHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! How’d YOU do?! Did you survive Vegas without gaining? I gained 2.5 […]

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dress me, please!

It’s no secret that I’m not a fashionable person.  I’ll ALWAYS choose comfort over fashion.  Most of you know that I live in a hoodie… I’ve always wanted to be fashionable. I don’t think I’m incapable of it. I’ve just had body insecurities my entire life. Well, strike that… I’ve had body insecurities since I was 9 […]

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