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I’ve seen lots of brides wearing beautiful high heels on their wedding day. However, I would say 95% of them don’t last the entire day in them. Off the top of my head I’d say that half make it through the first dance while the other half  make it through the end of the ceremony. […]

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I’ve only seen this one other time… and I think it’s genius! All of the bridesmaids created a “spread” for a scrapbook filled with photos of their memories with her. They gave it to her the morning of her wedding On the right… that’s mom. See that little pin on the left? On Joey’s side […]

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Elizabeth and Matt’s day was so awesomely awesome. These two, along with their families and friends, are one in a million.On the left, that’s Elizabeth’s dad Jim (who I just noticed happens to be in this blog entry more than the average father of the bride!), he’s a professional bowtie tier (is that even a […]

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How do you like them  apples  plums?! Badaboom badaBLING! …see what I did there?! By the way, Mike didn’t believe me that these were, in fact, not apples. I can assure you all that they were plums. …we loved being a part of this day… Nice use of symmetry and straight lines there Bobbi! Oh […]

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